by An Old Codger

Author: Neil Davies

Here we are today hoping that the COVID-19 virus is now under control.

We should not be surprised to have encountered this world-wide pandemic; expert have warned of such an outbreak occurring. When and what form of virus we would encounter, have been the unpredictable elements.

The last similar pandemic was the 1918 flu, when a quarter of our population succumbed to it. Interestingly, that virus affected our younger population, whereas the current virus has been of concern for the elderly and vulnerable.

I recall my mother telling me how, in 1918 at the age of 8, she visited neighbours’ homes to view the dead lying in their ‘best’ rooms. I suppose they were her young friends. At that time, young deaths, particularly child-birth deaths, were common events. One only has to stroll around cemeteries to note that fact.

It’s not surprising that members of the media and some politicians are coming out of the woodwork to criticise the handling of the pandemic.

To a mere observer of it all, we can all be wise after the event.

Once scientists identified the strain, analysed it and, remarkably, produced a protective immunisation programme, control of the virus in the population began swiftly.

The initial world-wide spread for this insidious virus was impossible to stop. Every port, every border, in every country, would have had to close without warning or preparation, to halt the spread; life does not allow that scenario. People, cargo, commerce have to travel.

The 1918 pandemic was, allegedly, brought to the UK by our troops returning from WW1, but I am sure travel to and from Spain was a factor at the time.    

As we move back to some early form of normality, we must be mindful of the many businesses that have lost income and custom. In particular, charities whose aim is to help and support the vulnerable and the elderly in so many ways, have struggled to meet their remit safely and accrue donations from their public supporters.

It was to that end, as a trustee of such a charity, I have written and published my book of poems – Poems by an Old Codger to raise funds. If you would like to purchase a copy and support my charity, please go to my website www.oldcodgersbook.co.uk