by An Old Codger

Author: Neil Davies

We are an odd race, we come in different sizes and several skin colours.   We have developed separate mother tongues within each nation.

We live nation alongside nation but not always in harmony. Many cannot even exist in harmony within their own population. Historical, religious, and cultural differences have played their part.

We should accept these differences and accommodate them; and recognise the diversity in our modern world. Borrowing the BBC motto “Nation shall speak peace unto nation”, many a nation needs to speak and seek peace within its own population. Instead, rule by the gun, the baton, tear gas, exposes the inadequacies of the leaders of those nations. In power but inept.   

In my book of Poems by an Old Codger, I reflect on my lifetime experiences. 

One poem, Black Lives Matter, touches on my experiences visiting South Africa in the late 1970’s. In it, I recount my first visit to Johannesburg, arriving there without sun protection cream. I found a nearby Pharmacy and walked in through the door, only to be faced with a large stand promoting skin whitening cream! 

Why would members of the black community feel it necessary to try to whiten their black skin? At the same time, white people trying to turn their skin brown either by lying in the sun or paying to lie on sunbeds. Whilst the latter may be dangerous cosmetic antics, the former gave me cause for concern.

The poem also recalls situations I encountered regarding apartheid. Was this the catalyst prompting the use of skin whitening creams?

There are over 60 poems in my new book – Poems by an Old Codger, with many poems offering my observations and concerns on modern life.

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