by An Old Codger

Author: Neil Davies

What an amazing scientific and engineering feat to send an unmanned vehicle through space and successfully land on Mars.

If it continues according to plan, samples of the planet’s ‘soil’ will be gathered up and returned to NASAs laboratories for analysis.

Here our scientists have made equally remarkable achievements developing, producing, and delivering vaccines quickly, to combat the deadly virus that is ending so many lives prematurely.

What will be the cost of these two historical achievements?

The latter has been an urgent life-saving matter across our planet.

The former is an expensive survey of the past life and structure of one of our close neighbours. Is it the best use of money, private or public?

Our planet is in trouble. We are fast losing our animal, vegetable, and mineral resources. We must turn our eyes away from Mars and put every concerted effort and finance into saving our Earth now.

How can we plan for tomorrow when our today’s world is slipping away?

These concerns are not new.

That is why I was prompted to express my anxiety through several poems in my book: –

Poems by an Old Codger.